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9.20.17 – 10.2.17 Team Series

Pair up, adopt a ridiculous team name and workout! For those who want to participate in the global event there is a $40/team entry fee.  For those who just want to participate within Redox it is free. CrossFit HQ will be releasing 4 workouts each of the 2 weeks.  2 of the 4 workouts (or …
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9.16.17 Gymnastics Clinic

On Sept 16th Redox CrossFit will be hosting a gymnastics clinic for athletes.  This clinic is a unique opportunity to get fresh insight into the never-ending process of gymnastic development from an experienced coach and high level gymnastics + CrossFit athlete. The guest coach, Chelsea McKinney,  is an L2 CrossFit instructor with 15 years of …
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