Category: Opening Updates

Opening Update: Let there be light(s), flooring, and loos

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” – Fredrick Douglass. We are now reaping the benefits of our initials struggles, or at least that is what we are telling ourselves. Things have been coming along since we obtained our construction permit a few weeks ago. The new lights have been installed. With 10,000 …
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Standing Still Is Hard

We recently started watching the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. A line from the show’s theme song has stuck with me as we have struggled the past few months to make progress towards opening day. Each night Regina Spektor would sing to me “Taking steps is easy, Standing still is hard”. Although I …
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Opening Update: Permit Purgatory

The process of getting to opening day has been longer and more complicated than we had initially anticipated. Yes, it is our first time around this block. One of our goals as box owners is to be as inclusive and transparent as possible. We figured there was no better time to start than at the …
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