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What to Wear

4 Habits for a Better Night’s Sleep

5 Tips when Choosing a Personal Trainer in Anchorage

New Beyond the Whiteboard Notifications

Team, In case you didn’t notice, BTWB recently updated its app with new notification capabilities. These updates are great for helping us stay on top of logging our workouts as well as notifying you of what today’s workout is. The cool thing is you can even choose what time of day these notifications pop up …
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Cycle 4, 2017

Hey Team, We will be pre and post testing from Tuesday (9/5) through Tuesday (9/12).  Please do your best to be present! It will give us a good launch point for the cycle.  Saturday open gym would be a great time to make up any missed testing 😉 . At this point in the year we will …
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Fitness Contagion Project

Hey Team, Several of you have asked us how you can best introduce your friends to our box. We are excited that you want us to meet your friends 😍, but we don’t want to have a free class every week that our members avoid because it’s brimming with newbies. Thus the “Fitness Contagion Project” was …
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