5.13.17 MOM-osa Day WOD

In honor of Mother’s Day we will be hosting a MOM-osa Day Event.  The event is free for ALL mothers as well as all Redox Athletes.  Doors open at 930AM.  The WOD (TBD) will start at 10AM with beverages to follow. Please RSVP to our FB event (Mom-Osa Facebook Event), so we can plan accordingly.   Cheers!


Note: Non-mother drop-ins will be expected to pay our usual drop in fee.

Cycle 2, 2017


Continue to Increase Aerobic Capacity

Improved Absolute Strength (Back Squat, DL, Strict Press)

Developing Strict Gymnastics Base (Dips & Pull-ups)

Anti-Rotational Core Strength

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