Hey Team,
Several of you have asked us how you can best introduce your friends to our box. We are excited that you want us to meet your friends 😍, but we don’t want to have a free class every week that our members avoid because it’s brimming with newbies. Thus the “Fitness Contagion Project” was born!
Here is the plan:
  • Simply forward the link below to your friend
  • They must create a profile in Mindbody and sign our waiver
  • Sign up and attend class WITH your friend.  * Inferno crew: feel free to bring them to an Ignition class.*
  • If your friend purchases a membership you will receive 5% off all future membership payments for as long as they remain a member (maximum of 3 “friend discounts”)
  • Discount only applies to members with auto-renewing contracts (sorry no punch card members)

Fitness Contagion Project


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