Cycle 5

Finishing up Cycle 4:

We will be post-testing the Cycle 4 focus points this week as well as some dynamic gymnastics for those who meet the “Sexy-Can-I” list requirements.  In case you don’t recall, the “Sexy-Can-I” list provides prerequisites that athletes must meet before their are allowed to attempt CrossFit’s more advanced elements including dynamic gymnastics movements.

Beginning preparations for the CrossFit Open (Cycle 5):

As we transition to Cycle 5 we will be focused mostly on conditioning and increased intensity in preparation for “competition season” AKA the CrossFit Open (for those who are interested and capable).  As such we will see more “race day” scenarios .

This by no means is intended to say that all Inferno athlete have to or even should participate in the CrossFit Open.

What is the CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open is an annual “competition” which provides CrossFit athletes an opportunity to test their fitness both against their former selves (if they competed in previous years of the Open) as well as against other athletes all over the world. The competition takes place online and consists of 5 WODs (workout of the day). One workout is released each week for 5 weeks. Workouts are generally released on Thursday evenings and athletes have until Monday afternoon to complete the workout and enter their score online. At Redox we will run the workouts together on Saturdays likely in a heat format. Other schedule options will be available if Saturday does not meet your needs. More details to come.

In case you’re interested in competing but unsure about weights and skill levels, CrossFit HQ releases the workouts with several different versions including Rx, Scaled, Teen Rx, Masters Rx, Masters Scaled, Teen Scaled, etc.

For those of you who are not interested in the Open or are perhaps not ready (if you’re unsure come talk with me), we will be approaching some of the “intense” workouts with a different intent: broadening our fitness base rather than prepping for battle!

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