Hey Team,

I’m a little behind in getting this up, but we are early in our third training cycle for the year.  We completed post-testing for Cycle 2 and pre-testing for Cycle 3 the last week of June and first week of July.  We will work for approximately 8 weeks on the goals below, have a one week deload (reduction in load/volume/intensity) then retest in hopes of seeing measurable progress in the focus areas listed below.


Improve Absolute Strength
3RM BS, 1RM CGBP (correlates well w/ HSPUs)

Create Strength Speed by building on the strength base we created in cycles 1 & 2
(read dabbling in barbell oly lifting – focus on the clean and push press)

Develop Strict Gymnastics
Continue to amass volume in strict pull-ups and dips, building on Cycle 2
Adding HSPU

Building Aerobic Capacity
1.5mi run (increasing time frame from 2k erg in Cycle 2)


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